How to locate the direction

  • Simply enter details regarding your location in the text box below. The more details the better, such as your city, county and country. Then click on the button labeled "Search".

  • The sidebar  to the right of the map will, In Shaa Allah (God Willing), return results that have the closest geographical matches to your entry. One of them will be your current location. Click your location in the sidebar to retrieve the direction to Makkah.

  • Note: Each result returned in the sidebar can be identified by its own marker on the map that represents this result. If there are too many markers on the map (because there are many locations that sound similar to yours), you may optionally click the marker and a balloon will appear with the name of the location that marker represents. This is to confirm that you have identified your correct current location.

  • At the bottom of the page, beneath the map, are guideline prayer times for today for your current location. Please note that, as with all online (website) prayer calculators, these times are not precise. Rather than  provide lots of different confusing methods and settings to choose from, I have purposely chosen the Muslim World League and standard Juristic method for this site. Thus, due to regional variations, please add 45 minutes to each time below to ensure that you pray within the correct Fajr-Thuhr-Asr-Maghrib-Aisha timeframes for where ever you are in the world. All times calculated here are only for guidance in the instance that you have not obtained times from a reputable islamic organisation. To read more about why online (website) prayer calculators can be inaccurate, click here.
Location Side Bar

           Prayer times for today for this location  (Guidance Only - see below*)      
  Fajr Sunrise Thuhr Asr Maghrib Aisha  
  Pending location Pending Location Pending Location Pending Location Pending Location Pending Location  

     *These times are calculated using the timezone setting on your computer. Your computers times must be set to the country you are in.
      Please read the above information for more regarding these times.

"We have seen you (O Muhammad) turning your face about the sky (searching for the right direction). We now assign a Qiblah that is pleasing to you. Henceforth, you shall turn your face towards the Sacred Masjid." 2:144